Experimental Commission

Written by Alfons Hubmann. Posted in Experimental Commission



 The aim of the commission is to be a focal point for all amateur building of aircraft in Europe. Commission will develop this by working for the good of the amateur building movement.

 This will be achieved by:-

 gathering all European amateur building organisations in EFLEVA to work together,

helping amateur builders in countries without any amateur building organisation to form such their own national organisations and to join EFLEVA,

to be a support for organisations in EASA member states without or with insufficient regulations,

ensure there is one contact person in every member organisation on the EFLEVA Experimental commission, and ensure if it is not the same person support of the President/Chairman of every member organisation,

one contact person in all other European countries,

ensure we have at least one contact person in every European aviation authority, National Government, EASA and  ECAC,

progress the implementation status of ECAC recommendation INT.S/11-1 (border crossing),

progress the Framework for the ABAC,

improving the relation to FAI/CIACA,

improving the relation to World Air Games, WAG,

to be an alert and effective stakeholder on EASA rulemaking activities.