04 SEP 2023

FAI CIACA Recognition for Prince Albert II of Monaco for Historic First Flight in Experimental Aircraft

FAI CIACA, the AMATEUR-BUILT & EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT COMMISSION, announces a historic event in aviation. In recognition of exceptional achievements in this field, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco was honoured with an award. The monarch received this honour for the first flight of a Head of State in an experimental aircraft.

This is a significant achievement for the global community and the remarkable progress being made in aviation. The historic flight underscores the innovative spirit and commitment to advancing the aviation industry through breakthrough technologies and concepts.

CIACA continues its commitment to recognising excellence within the homebuilt aircraft community and driving innovation in the field. This award to Prince Albert II not only recognises his personal contribution, but also symbolises the global reach and inspirational nature of the self-build aircraft community.