Our mission

EFLEVA, the European Federation of Light, Experimental and Vintage Aircraft is an international organisation with connections between the national aviation associations in europe.
EFLEVA was founded 2007 by twelve associations from different countries.
Behind our federation is a motivated Executive Board that is committed to the concerns of our members with a lot of enthusiasm and time.
The main purpose of EFLEVA is to promote, support and to represent the interests of our members at the european level, concerning relevant regulatory matters.
In cooperation with relevant national and international organisations, but still independently, we represent the interests and targets of our members in the best possible way to achieve good results.
These interests will include and are supported by activities focusing on Airworthiness, Licensing, Operations and Airspace as well as specific areas of interest which will affect our interests such as insurance and security

Spreding our wings together!

EFLEVA-Membership is open for european Light, Experimental and Vintage Aircraft Associations, which are members of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).
In the event that the different fields (that is areas of interest) are covered by different associations, each qualifying association may seek membership. 
If you are a national association with interests in these areas and ready to contribute to the securing future of these in europe, join us now by sending your application through the contact form.


When we started EFLEVA in 2007, there was a great uncertainty as to how our sector would be affected by the EASA legislation. Annex II seemed to offer a haven for those operating within it but we knew the hand of EASA would influence us and our fture interests.
We all recognized that the main mission of our organisation is to  secure a regulatory environment for our member that would ensure our passion would continue in the future.
Rules, which were designed for commercial activities have been applied to General Aviation, that have strangled it, adding cost and complexity of operation.
There was still a long way to show the organisations the need for proportionate regulation. Today we see the EASA General Aviation Roadmap developed over the last year as a driving of a new EASA programme. 
In October 2014, EASA held a General Aviation Conference in Rome, one week before our Annual General Meeting near by.
We have, together with over 350 delegates from all EU states, many National Government representatives and the senior management of EASA, discussed about the future of our sector.
This was probably the most important gathering of General and Sport & Recreational Aviation interests in recent times. 
We were pleased not only to attend the EASA Conference, but mostly important to present the diversity of General Aviation in Europe, underlining the need for proportionate regulation that encouraged sector growth. 
This was an opportunity to focus on the need, to recognise that diversity we are aware of and specifically to focus on our own sector, of sports and recreational aviation. At the same time EASA had issued the consultation on future changes to the basic regulation which as we know is the basis of how our sector operates driven by the definitions within annex II, though we do need to recognise that many of our Vintage members are fully EASA regulated.
So it really is a "time of Change and Opportunity" our focus will be to ensure we take every opportunity from that. A US style LSA seems to be on the horizon. We have positioned ourselves to have direct involvement with EASA on the basic regulation proposals that effect our sector and particulary the Amateur Build definition. We continue to work to resolve the rights of cross border overflight for us all and follow through on other initiatives.