Solar Impulse Control Center - Monaco

Solar Impulse is an airplane project by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.
The airplane Solar Impulse is flying without any fuel just with Solar Energy.

In March 2015, Piccard and Borschberg began an attempt to circumnavigate the globe with Solar Impulse, departing from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to India, China and Hawaii. Thereafter it continued via the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco and crossing the United States until it reached New York City overflying the statue of liberty on 11 June 2016. A further highlight was the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean which was completed on 23 June 2016 landing in Seville, Spain.

The picture shows the Crew on a step visit at the Control Centre of Solar Impulse in Monaco,
which established the sporting code in autumn 2014 for the world record "Circumnavigation the globe" purely with Solar Energy.

From left to right:

Stephan Heinrich, Sport Director  - NAC Switzerland ¦ Alfons Hubmann, President of FAI CIACA - Experimental and Homebuilt Aircraft Commission ¦ And the two observers: Köbi Burkard, earlier President of the FAI Ballooning Commission ¦ Werner Maag, President of EAS - Experimental Aviation of Switzerland.

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